netvalue [net·vwlju:]

  • The added value of a website to the Internet
  • The value represented by the presence of the the company on the Internet

Netvalue, a new word for an existing concept. Your website is your modern business card. The question arises: what is the netvalue of your company? How good is the business card?

Your netvalue needs to be optimized ofcourse. This is not always as easy as one might think. Careful inspection of target groups, the current behavior by the visitors and the behavior that you want to establish are required to adjust the design of the website. At the same time the the target group needs to be drawn to the site by properly promoting it to the target group. Often the smartest way to do this is by making small improvements at a time and to measure effect on a continious basis. However quick wins can often already make a difference between doing business and no business.

(c) 2008 Maarten Swemmer